The recent modernisation of our company's machinery, and the constant updating of our ways of working, mean that HAPPY MAMA products are always at the cutting edge of the market.

Our production, right from the first phases, takes place in standards of the highest food safety, thanks to the careful selection we make of our suppliers of raw materials, the constant checks we make of all those raw materials and their subsequent storage in appropriate and suitable facilities.

Our cooking facilities fully comply with all relevant food and health and safety regulations, using modern machinery and techniques, and following cooking cycles that ensure that our raw materials do not degrade through contact with the outside environment.

The use of vacuum-sealing in our products, both during production and cooking, allows us to avoid any oxidisation of our products, and to preserve to the maximum extent possible their natural colours and smells.

Our containers (vases, and various types of seals) and packaging (boxes, chests and packets) have been carefully chosen to ensure that the products that reach our clients are of the highest quality.