Scones with buche de chèvre and Prune and Onion jam

Scones are small basic “sandwiches” classically produced in Anglo-Saxon cultures, usually eaten in the traditional ceremony of “afternoon tea” with jam and cream. Today we will revisit them in a delicious savoury form, in the company of Happy Mama!

How much do we like cheeses, the quality cheeses that can be combined with jams, compotes and fruit sauces? If the basic ingredients are of good quality, then you cannot fail to produce something truly special, and that is absolutely the case with these scones with chèvre, an excellent French cheese made of goat’s milk, and the HappyMama Prune and Onion compote, sweet and intense.

But back to scones. They are a half-way house between bread and biscuits, which expand during cooking thanks to the instant yeast, and which can be cut in half and filled as you want.

To make sure that you get high and well-developed scones, you need to work the dough as little as possible, so that the inside remains soft and light. Roll the highest dough, at least 1cm, so that you can get the correct volume. Your oven needs to be very hot, 200–220°C, in order to make sure that they rise swiftly and completely.

Usually, scones are made from flour, milk, butter and sugar; some versions also include eggs. But I have chosen a butter-free version, using olive oil instead, and I have only used eggs to brush the surface before cooking.

Scones are easy and quick to prepare, and in the savoury version that I have offered you today, they are an excellent and suggestive aperitif.


Ingredients for 8 – 10 scones:


250 g spelt flour (or whichever you prefer) + a little more for your work surface

50 g extra-virgin oil

140 ml whole milk

1/2 sachet of instant savoury yeast

one full tablespoon of Parmigiano cheese

three sprigs of fresh thyme

a pinch of salt

one beaten egg


For the filling:

One portion of buche de chèvre cheese

Happy Mama Prune and Onion jam


Sift your flour and yeast together in a pot, add the thyme leaves, oil, Parmigiano and the milk, and work together with a wooden spoon. Place on a floured work-surface and quickly form it all into a soft and uniform dough. Roll it out to a disc of at least 1cm thick, and using a 5-6cm round pastry cutter, cut discs out of the dough. Brush the surface with the beaten egg, and bake in a hot oven at 220°C for 10 minutes. Once nicely browned and risen, remove from the oven. Leave to cool, then split in half, and fill the middle with the buche de chèvre and the HappyMama Prune and Onion jam.

by Letizia Cicalese