Savoury Cheesecake with ham, pears and figs

For a 20 cm diameter tray

For the base
• 125 g crackers (of any type you want)
• 80 g butter
• 30 g grated cheese

For the cheese paste
• 300 g fresh spreadable cheese
• 250 g ricotta cheese (made from sheep’s milk if you want a strong flavour, or mascarpone if you prefer a full sweet flavour)
• 100 g robiola cheese (or gorgonzola if you prefer a stronger flavour)
• 70 g grated cheese (Parmigiano Reggiano, Provolone, Emmenthal, as you wish)
• 4 eggs
• Salt
• Pepper
• Nutmeg

For the topping
• 150 g Parma ham
• HAPPYMAMA Pear and Fig jam
• Fresh pears and figs
• thyme


Pre-heat your static oven to 180°C. Line a mold with baking paper, find a disc for the base and stripes for the sides inside, making it all stick well with a little oil.
In a mixer, crush your crackers until they are finely crumbled, and add the melted butter and grated cheese. Carefully mix until you have a smooth paste similar to wet sand. Place the mix in your tray and spread it out uniformly, pressing down gently to compact it. Bake for 15 minutes, while you prepare the cheese paste.
Mix your cheeses, eggs, a pinch of salt, pepper and grated nutmeg until you have a fine paste. You can use a mixer or a classic electric whisk, but either way, do not work it for too long otherwise the more delicate cheeses will separate. When the base is nicely golden, remove from the oven and pour your cheese paste on top, leveling it out well. Bake again for 45-50 minutes – cover the cheesecake with baking foil if it starts to brown too much. Once cooked, remove from the oven, and allow to cool completely, firstly at room temperature and then in the fridge. Shortly before serving, top with some spoonfuls of Happymama Pear and Fig jam, some fresh figs and pears cut into pieces, thinly-sliced Parma ham, and some fresh thyme.


by Valentina Masullo