Where are Happy Mama raw materials sourced from?
All the raw materials used in the production of our range of products are sourced from Italy, and principally from the area immediately around our production site in Cavriago (RE) in the Emilia region.

How are your suppliers chosen?
Our suppliers of raw materials are chosen after a visit to the production facility, so that we can be sure that they meet the standards (legal and otherwise) that we require. We work closely with our suppliers to ensure that these standards are maintained, and visit them to inspect their production facilities in person. We have personal knowledge of all our suppliers. Once picked, the fruit and vegetables we use are swiftly transferred to our production site to be immediately prepared, to retain as much of their natural flavour and freshness as possible.

Where are your products made?
All production is carried out at our dedicated kitchen and production facility in Cavriago (RE), Emilia-Romagna.

Are any of your product from GM- raw materials?
NONE of our products contain, or are made from, GM-materials.


What controls are carried out on the raw materials that you use?
Since we source our own raw materials directly from local farmers, we see first-hand the fresh fruit and vegetables that we use for our finished products. Before deciding to use a particular supplier, we visit their farm, and have a look at their operation, to ensure that it meets the standards that we expect, and that the farmer is not using artificial pesticides, or GM seeds, for instance.

What certification does Happy Mama carry?
We are fully certified for HAACP, as checked regularly by the local health authority. Our site is visited regularly by state health inspectors, and we carry out our own deep cleaning operations of the entire facility. Checks of the microbiological aspects of our work are carried out by an accredited external laboratory, registered with the heath authority.

Certificates confirming our compliance with all relevant Italian and European Union health and safety legislation are available for inspection.

What facilities does your production site have?
Our production site hosts every aspect of the production process, after the arrival of our raw materials. All the cleaning, preparation, cooking, and placing in jars is carried out in our kitchen facility in Cavriago, where we also store all our products. Our entire kitchen and storage facility has recently been modernised.


What information do your labels carry?
All our products comply with the latest relevant Italian and European Union legislation in regards to labelling: each packet has its own printed lot number and expiry date, storage advice, list of ingredients, and detailed allergen information (where relevant).

Can you supply labels on-demand in languages other than Italian?
In principle, yes, we can supply labels in different languages to comply with local laws and requirements. Naturally, however, certain products jars are too small (106g confections, for example) to carry more than two languages on the labels. Producing labels in specific languages can of course increase the length of time needed to fulfill an order.

What is the shelf-life of your products?
Generally, our products have a shelf-life of nine months, indicated individually per lot on each package, if stored in the correct manner as advised on our packaging. Since our products do not contain preservatives, once opened, they should be consumed within two weeks, if stored in the correct manner.

Do you explain what the products can be used for?
Our website explains (in both English and Italian) what each product can be used for, and what it goes well with.


What markets do you produce for, and what sizes are your confections?
Our products appeal both to food service and to retail markets, from supermarkets to small delicatessen and bakeries. Our products come in a range of sizes: 106g, 212g, 400g and 1kg, plus 3.1kg for certain products in our range.

We are increasingly attracting interest from outside Italy as well, from delicatessens, and other types of specialist shops looking to offer quality authentic Italian sauces.


How are your goods delivered?
All our products are shipped via trucks specifically suited for transporting our products in the correct conditions of humidity and temperature, to ensure freshness and fitness for human consumption.

What are your delivery schedules?
Obviously, delivery schedules depend on location and the quantities ordered, but in general transportation commences one week after receipt of payment.

What are your delivery terms?
All our prices are ex-works from Cavriago (RE), Emilia-Romagna; prices for delivery depend on size of consignment and location. Prices are available on request (please email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., specifying which products you are interested in). We currently do not operate a minimum-order policy.

What are your payment terms?
Payment can be cash on delivery (which attracts a 5% discount on our listed prices), or via bank transfer in advance (for which we offer a 8% discount on our listed prices).


What is your environmental impact?
We take our environmental impact seriously, and take all possible steps to minimise waste and unnecessary usage of materials and energy in our production process. However, of course, certain types of energy consumption is essential (and required by law) to maintain the health and safety of our products, both during and after production (our products can be susceptible to changes in humidity and temperature, for instance). All our packaging is easily recyclable (glass jars with sealed lids), and we seek to minimise the quantities of plastic that we use in our transportation.

When we visit our suppliers of raw materials, we also inspect their operation in terms of sustainability and their impact on the environment.