Cookie Policy

Information on the use of cookies, and privacy, as stipulated by Italian government decree n.196/2003.

In order to make the use of this site as smooth and efficient as possible, it makes use of cookies and other similar analytical tools. No cookies from third-party sites are used or present on this site.

When a user visits this site, a small amount of information is stored on the user's computer, the so-called "cookies", which are stored in the user's browser directory (the user can delete via the Settings page of their browser).

There are different types of cookie, but in general the purpose is to make the use of websites more efficient, and to allow for certain types of functionality.

Cookies are also used to improve the user's navigation, in particular:
- they allow for smooth navigation from one page to another of the website
- they allow for usernames and preferences to be remembered
- they minimise the number of times that the same information (such as usernames and passwords) have to be entered by users
- they maximise the use of services by users, in order to make the navigation and use of other facilities and services on the website as optimal as possible.
- they allow for targeted advertising based on the interests and browsing history of users.

The two types of cookie used by this site are the following:

Technical Cookies: these are necessary for the correct functioning of certain areas of the website. This type of cookie can be both "persistent" or limited to each session. Without the presence of these cookies, the site and/or certain parts of it might not function correctly, and therefore they are always used, regardless of the user's preference settings. Cookies of this type are always sent directly and solely from our domain.

Analytical Cookies: these are used to gather information on the use of our website. The website owner uses this data for statistical analysis, to improve the site and simplify the browsing experience, and to ensure its correct functioning. These cookies gather anonymised information on user navigation, on how users arrive at our site, and the pages they visit. Cookies of this type are sent by our domain or third-party sites.