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We choose our raw materials
from partner agricultural companies
who use only "healthy" cultivation methods.
A careful choice
that means that our products
are always tasty,
even for the most demanding of palates.



  • Il Taglierino nasce con l'idea di creare un oggetto di condivisione durante un pranzo, una cena oppure un aperitivo.
    “A tavola non si invecchia mai” è la frase che caratterizza questo oggetto, ha tr...

  • I like the idea that my activity in the kitchen is actually an art-form,
    a beautiful art-form that finds something new in the world each day.

    A steak, at the end of the day, is simply a steak.
    You c...

  • We created the idea of the lantern in order to "dress up" our 3.1kg jars, and make each one unique. This is a concept that is usually only found in restaurants and wine-shops; in this way, the Lante...

  • In the USA, edible bonbonnières are now extremely fashionable, and often wedding couples now choose to give cookies to their guests.

    The concept has now reached Italy, in the form of bonbonnières m...

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